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Image for Creating a Budget Step by Step

Creating a Budget Step by Step


3 min read | September 19, 2023

Budgeting can have a bad reputation. Try taking it step by step and adjusting as needed to make it work for you. Review your spending habits and think about your savings goals to build your personalized budget. 

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Image for Friends, Finances, and Boundaries

Friends, Finances, and Boundaries


3 min read | February 29, 2024

With current financial pressures, it is important to understand how to gracefully decline a request to lend money to help you achieve your own financial goals. This article aims to provide steps to help you do that.

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Image for Credit Card Debt: A Growing Problem

Credit Card Debt: A Growing Problem


3 min read | February 22, 2024

With credit card debt reaching an all-time high, being proactive with your finances is key. While it may be hard to stop using credit cards cold turkey, there are some strategies you can engage to start tackling what may seem like a mountain of debt.

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Image for House Hacking: Your Way into Real Estate

House Hacking: Your Way into Real Estate


3 min read | February 20, 2024

Many students plan to live off campus during their college career. This article explores the concept of homeownership while in college to generate present and future income.

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Image for Maximizing Your Tax Savings in College

Maximizing Your Tax Savings in College


2 min read | February 15, 2024

Instead of worrying, take control of your situation this tax year. Look into free filing resources and tax credits available to students to maximize your tax savings. Read on to learn about a few options currently available.

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Image for 5 Ways to Avoid Charity Scams

5 Ways to Avoid Charity Scams


2 min read | February 13, 2024

$8.8 billion was lost to fraudsters in 2022. One way they are duping people is by using charity scams, pretending to be a charity to obtain your information and money. Learn how to avoid them and other tips to protect your money and identity.

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Image for Seeing the World on a Budget: Studying Abroad

Seeing the World on a Budget: Studying Abroad


2 min read | February 8, 2024

Studying abroad is a great way to explore new cultures and see the world on a budget while working toward your degree. These experiences can provide you with important life and professional skills along with memories that will last a lifetime.

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